AS-Xpress Register

Get at least twice as much done with AS-Xpress Register. A register that otherwise would have taken several days (or weeks) to manually add into your system is created with "AS-Xpress Register" in a fraction of time (about 5 minutes). All is done in the cloud so you don't need any specific software or other requirements, just an internet connected computer, smartphone or tablet.

Saves time

Our solution "AS-Xpress Register" streamlines your work with your register. You get time for other duties, collections or more detailed registers. In a couple of minutes you can transfer your register from Excel to your own system (xml compatible) e.g. Visual Arkiv, Arkis or AS-Xpress Register DB. In addition we have also created a standalone label function that produces standardized labels for the entire registry (PDF file).

We can add support for other systems if the need for it arises.

Lite Full
Import to Visual Arkiv 4
Import to Visual Arkiv 6
Import to Arkis II / Klara
Import to AS-Xpress Register DB
Register in PDF or HTML

AS-Xpress Communication

"AS-Xpress Communication" is a smart and automated mail solution which is very easy to use. You can easily create personalized letters to customers, members, etc. together with e.g. brochures, newsletters or summonses with associated documentation. With "AS-Xpress Communication" you can easily write the mail, send it with attachments to selected recipients (written in excel). Perfect for businesses on e.g. fairs as well as for customer and association mailings.

Combine with "AS-Xpress Register"

The messaging system "AS-Xpress Communication" is perfect to combine with our other solution "AS-Xpress Register". You can easily distribute information from the "AS-Xpress Register" to all responsible employees in a company. This may involve thinning decision or standardized template files for registering. The latter can then be returned for inspection, adjustment or direct import to your system.

AS-Xpress Register DB

"AS-Xpress Register DB" makes your register, archive or collections available online. A service that's both simple and logical on multiple platforms. Everything happens in the cloud so the user can get access to the register no matter where they are in the world.

In the cloud

Let us take care of the daily backups, availability, security and updates! Start using Register DB today on our server located in Sweden. We guarantee 99.99% uptime.

Own server

Host AS-Xpress Register DB in your own environment, you must personally take responsibility for backups, availability, security, updates and server settings. But we can provide assistance with the best possible setup for our product. It's fully compatible on both Windows and Linux.


In the cloud Own server
Full Administration
Create PDF
Order System
Search Capability
Builtin, Apache Solr
Multiple Storage Connections
Local, FTP, Amazon S3
Automatic File Handling
Media Streaming, Image Gallery, File Downloads
Free upgrades Automatic Manually
Support Yes * Limited support
* We support installation of our product but not the customers server environment.
** We can provide assistance regarding installation for a small fee.

Estimated Savings

Exchange Rates Updated: Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at 12:00 PM

Sample Savings Calculation

The chart below is done with the following base values.
Volumes / Year 4000
Meters / Year 320
Volumes / Hour 2,08

Custom Savings Calculation